BLACK LIVES MATTER from a disgruntled teacher


“the system isn’t broken. it’s working exactly as it should be.”

it’s a shame that in this day and age we have to continue to justify why black lives matter. too many lives taken at the hands of senseless, unjust, illogical cowards. too much energy being out into a fight that shouldn’t exist.

every time I’m running forward, I’m pulled back by a harness that never seems to come off, no matter how hard I pull on it.

those that serve to “protect” us do nothing but police out existence, deeming our mere presence as a threat for others.

we are humans. our sons are humans. our lives hold worth.

what will it take for a systematic change? will it ever happen?

to all our children living in the very system that was built against their success, happiness, and freedom…you matter.

you’re valuable.

-angry public school teacher



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